Coming is a Variety of flavors and sizes, Ice Pops are the perfect frozen treat for both kids and adults looking to squeeze a little more fun out of their snack.

For ice cream factories that intended to develop economic branch products, Ice pops are perfectly options due to its popularity especially in summer.

Ice PopIce PopIce Pop

Multi-Lane Ice Pop Packaging Machine

Ice PopThe whole machine automatically controlled by computer, vertical sealing automatically controlled by servo which guarantee accurate bag Length and Width. To make the operation simpler and more perfect, other automatic functions include: Heating temperature control system, tracking adjustment system, double-looking standard alignment system, and many other points of failure and misuse automatically shut down for protection.

Ice Pop Flat and Zigzag are the most common sealing types of Ice Pops. Customized pattern designs and other sealing types are available.
Bag Size Range: Length(120~400mm), Width(35~60mm)
Packing Material: BOPP wrapping film

Linear Type Hardening Tunnel / Basket Tunnel


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