Making Ice-cream commercially involves a variety of operations. All the ingredients are first combined to form the liquid mix. This mix is pasteurized to destroy bacteria and then homogenized to ensure individual fat are about 1 μm. Colors and flavors are added to the liquid mix,after which it is frozen into ice-cream in a continuous freezer. These steps govern the ice-cream quality and its shelf life.

MEC offers a complete mix plants for producing industrial volumes of premium pasteurized ice cream mix. The mix is heated to pre-pasteurization temperaturein the vessels before being pasteurized, homogenized and then cooled in the heat-exchanger section of the plant, which finally chills the mix to around 5°Cready for transfer to the ageing tank.

Main Features                                                 Main Systems

*Simple operation                                                * Raw material mixing system

*CIP washable                                                     * Milk pasteurizer and homogenizer system

* Compactand easy to install                                 * Ice-cream aging system

* Environmentallyfriendly                                    * CIP cleaning system

* Hygienicdesign                                                  * Accessory equipment

Capacity: 500-10000 L/H (Actual outlet capacities will depend upon mix formulation and production conditions.)

Control Method: Semi-auto maticor Full-automatic control

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