​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ice cream,​ ​​one of the world’s favourite desserts

Ice cream may be one of the world's favourite desserts, but as manufacturers know only too well, the demand for novelty is relentless. Product innovation is essential, and it's not only a question of new flavours; the product has to look irresistible too. Regular variations in shape, dipping, toppings and wrapping all help attract attention.At our dedicated ice cream innovation centre in Denmark, application experts are on hand to help you meet the need for continuous revitalisation. Talk to us about new product ideas for ice cream; get recipe suggestions, guidance on the best processing methods and professional help with product testing.

Efficient production; quality products

Naturally, you want to offer your consumers the most appealing product at the best price -be it a gallon value pack or a premium bite-size morsel. With 80% of the products' value residing in the ingredients, accurate dosing and minimal waste are both key factors in the equation. All our ice cream production equipment is designed to optimise efficiency, to help you achieve the best quality level at the lowest possible cost. Well-designed lines with advanced temperature control ensure a consistently high quality product, and repeatability is guaranteed.

Stay on top of the trends

Our market intelligence experts keep a close eye on evolving consumer demands and product trends, and we gladly share our insights with you. The growing popularity of 'permissible' treats is one interesting example. Some manufacturers are adding big chunks of healthy ingredients like fruit and nuts into their products. We can provide them with the technology to dose ingredients accurately, ensuring every mouthful of ice cream contains a tasty surprise. Others are developing low fat ice cream products. This is where our low temperature freezers really come into their own. They make it possible to reduce the size of the ice crystals and air bubbles in your product, ensuring it ends up with a nice creamy texture regardless of the amount of fat in the ice cream mix ingredients.
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