Sugar Cone Baking Machine

The cool, creamy sweetness of ice cream combined with the crispy crunch of an ice cream cone makes for the perfect summer treat. Cones enhance the taste and texture of your ice cream treats, so they are just as essential as the ice cream itself. Having different ice cream cone types at your shop can increase your overall profits and reveal new ways to serve your most popular ice cream flavors!

MEC sugar cone baking machine consists of a robust baking oven with production capacities ranging from 3,500 to 10,500 rolled sugar cones per hour. The machine is outfitted with a special heating design to achieve even baking results and a high product quality while using less energy. Based on customer need, the whole machine operation can be synchronized by frequency-controlled servo drives for higher precision and uniformity.

Cone TypeCone Length(mm)Capacity(pcs/h)

Mini Cone



Normal Cone




Jumbo Cone



Double Molds Larger Cone



Waffle Cup



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