Ice water Squeeze-up

Whether you are a novice who wants to start an ice cream business or an ice cream factory that wants to expand new products, calippo is a good choice for you that it is usually placed as a popular product, available for most market clients, therefore we usually deal with ice water or flavored liquid without inner structure, rarely with fruit puree.

We can customize colorful ice snacks suitable for children, large-size alcohol flavors suitable for adults, or healthy and organic nutrition products according to the needs of the market.

Ice water Squeeze-up
Ice water Squeeze-up
Ice water Squeeze-up

RBG Rotary Automatic Filler,rotary calippo liquid filling and sealing machine


For SMEs, we recommend RBG series filling machine as a starting point for ice cream business - compact structure, wide product range from 70-130ml, small capacity 1000-2000pcs/h.

Ice water Squeeze-up

RBG-1:1000~2000pcs/h, RBG-2:2000~3000pcs/h

MEC RBG-series is a compact, automatic, rotary filling machine, applied in production of cups, cones and squeeze-ups. Each one is made in accordance with the customer’s special needs.

 Easy to operate thanks to PLC controller;

 Extremely flexible;

 Compact structure with little space requirement;

 Suitable for small capacity need;

BG Linear Automatic Filler

Ice water Squeeze-up

Capacity: :3000~4000pcs/h
Suitable for expansion of ice cream factory

For automatic filling of ice-cream into cups, cones, squeeze-up tubes and bulk containers of varying design, shape and size. The basic machine is supplied for the production of one product type and optional equipment is available for other product types. MEC Linear equipped with PLC control systems to provide very accurate control of production parameters. Quick-lock lamellas and readily mountable equipment also keep product change over times to a minimum.

 Outstanding flexibility;

 High product consistency;

 High reliability;

 Easy cleaning;

 Low operational cost;

 Suitable for medium and large capacity need

Calippo tube customization is available


customized logo calippo disposable Various Sizes ice popsicle sweet ice cream tube alcohol calippo squeezed cups Paper Calippo Tube wholesale ice cream paper wrappered with foil lid

Ice water Squeeze-up
Ice water Squeeze-up

All kinds of food grade paper- single PE film paper, double PE coated paper, paper cups, paper packages solution for your choice. Printing with food grade ink. Volume:70ml~130ml.